Front Steps Project 2020-21

Sample Front Step Photos

#FrontStepsProject: 100% photoshoot fee donated to local charities.

Dear Lebanon/Upper Valley Friends,

As we began shutting down due to COVID-19, I was looking for ways to help others. At the same time, I had been going through photo withdrawal due to the cancellation of school sports and events. Luckily, I found a way to combine the two. Initially, I was going to call it "Let me capture your captives" as we all stayed home, but then I learned there was a nationwide movement with a much more civil name. So I jumped in and  joined the #FrontStepsProject. In short, I come to your home or business, stay at a safe distance, and capture a photo portrait of you, your family/roommates/colleagues, your dog, or favorite tree (whatever!) and collect donations for the LISTEN Center Food Bank or The Upper Valley Haven.

Click here for sample photos of some of the fun and generous people I have had the honor of photographing so far for the #FrontStepsProject. 

Although we are at the trailing end of the pandemic now, I continue to take photos and donate the photoshoot fee to local charities. And I have found that your front steps may be the best place to get that family shot anyhow!

Please see the About page for further details.

Thank you and stay safe,

Mary Kay 


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